How to Clean a Murano glass Chandelier

Murano glass chandeliers have always been a mark of class and true elegance. Whether it may be stemware or the perfume bottles, or even if it is used as beads or vases, every piece of these
 made and is a true piece of art.


The Italian glass’ history is full of stories of glass experts mastery of creation techniques. It has underwent a lot of processes and took skills to achieve the desired output. A lot have tried to copy but failed miserably.

Even if Murano glass is deemed as a piece of art, it is something that can be used time and time again so maintenance and cleaning is required so each piece will sparkle and sure to brighten the atmosphere. Here is a guide on how to clean a murano chancelier.

Before cleaning proper, shut the lights off the fixture of your Murano chandelier. Let it cool. Then, dust the light fixture with your feather duster. Be gentle especially if the pieces of your Murano chandelier are removable and dangling. Hold the pieces with a hand and use your other hand to dust them.


First off, fill the sink or a small basin with warm water. Mix it with a mild dishwashing liquid or detergent. Swish them together with your hands to mix it well. Dip soft cloth into the water. Then, wash each glass piece of your Murano chandelier. Now, place the Murano glass pieces carefully into the sudsy water.

Then, use the soft cloth or any non-abrasive sponge to wash the entire piece and rinse dry the wetted parts. Wipe the exteriors slowly. Make soft strokes that goes in the same direction. Repeat this and wipe down the surface of the light fixture gently. Make sure you have wiped off all the dangling smaller pieces and all the corners of each Murano glass piece of your chandelier.

Lastly, rinse the Murano chandelier glass pieces thoroughly with warm water. Dry them completely using a soft towel. Air dry your glass pieces. You can use cardboard fan to cool it for a few minutes. To make it look shinier, buff the fixture with soft cloth.

Here are some other tips you need to remember when cleaning a Murano chandelier.
Cover the sink bottom with towel so piece chipping rish would be lessened.
Jewelry pieces should be placed in a secured box so exposure to harmful elements would be lessened.
Chemical jewelry cleaners should not be used on the glass pieces of your Murano chandeliers. Components of these cleaners are made specially for jewelry pieces and not for Murano glass.
Try to vacuum the floor or sweep dusts floor underneath the light fixture once finished.

Murano glass pieces used in chandeliers are rare and specially crafted in Murano island, a place near Venice in Italy. The glass is made from gold, ash, arsenic an

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