Creative art of the Murano glass

Have you ever desired to have the beautiful and artistic chandeliers,

vases, sculptures and other attractive piece of glass art work? Did you imagine that glass work can be a perfect gift item to make your loved ones happy? What about a huge and creative glass work art with patterns of colors on it? Can you imagine of making a majestic dream home using an art of glass work?


If you are a great lover of art, then Murano glasswork can be the answer for all your above questions. Making an art out of the glass can be simple to see, attractive and adorable to feel, but it is very difficult to shape, size and color it. It is an art which only the expert artists can create. So are we excited to know more about the great art of Murano?

Murano glass is the famous product that is used in the making of chandeliers worldwide. It is a very popular product of Venetian island, Murano, Italy. This city is famous for the glassmakers since the 10the century.

The Murano glassmakers have been spread worldwide; however, the authentic glass is made only in the city of Murano. The history shows that the making of this glass had Asian and Muslim influences in their art work.

The art behind making the glass needs great talent and patience too. The lampworking technique used in making of this glass is unique. The silica used in making of the glass turns into liquid at high temperatures and then it turns solid. The interval in between this stage is used by the glassmakers to shape the glass to turn it into a creative art.

The popular brands known in making of this glass art are Alessandro Mandruzzato, Barovier & Toso, FerroMurano, Formia International, Salviati, Pauly, Seguso, Simone Cenedese, and Venini. Antica Vetreria Fratelli Toso is known as the oldest factory and this factory was founded in 1854.

The technique of making the glass includes the presence of sodium oxide in it. The glass solidifies slowly with more sodium oxide in it. Due to this, the creative artist gets a lot of time to perform his creativity while making the piece of glass art. Sodium is also used to make the glass opaque. Other useful materials that can be added to the glass are arsenic and nitrate to eliminate bubbles and some colors are also added to beautify the glass products.

There are different colors, methods or techniques and materials used in making of this glass product. It all depends upon the type of art the artist is trying to create. Materials like aquamarine and red ruby are used in making of an aqua and gold shade in the glass work.

Murrine technique is also used in making the creative colored patterns on this glass product. The beautiful and colored patterns in the glass cane looks amazing. Millefiori is one of the famous styles of the Murrine technique where the colored glass is molded to form beautiful and colorful patterns of star. These patterns are then cooled and layered again to form an art of glass. This type of glass work gives an appearance of floral work on the glass.

Some other Murrine techniques can be mentioned as ribbed glass, Filigree, gold engraving, incalmo, glass engraving, painted enamel, lattimo and submersion. One more technique for the making of vases and sculptures is the Sommerso where the glass is made in the layers of two different colors.

The tools that are used by the artisans in making of this glass are borselle, canna da soffio, puntello, scanio and Borselle are the pliers that are used to handle the glass when it is red hot. Canna da soffio is the blowing pipe used to blow inside the portion of the glass. Puntello is the iron rod used to give final touch to the object. Scanio is the workbench and Tagianti are the clippers used for glass cutting.

The above information about the Murano glass is thrilling, exciting and can make you adore it. So have you decided to have atleast one piece of this great art work at your home, office or even in your parties? Your guests will wonder that you are a great lover of Murano art!

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