VeArt: a myth in Murano chandeliers

A myth in colored Murano blown glass chandeliers:


it is difficult to choose which murano chandeliers to insert in this post, they are all one more beautiful than the other.

The ability to develop projects of international scope combining tradition, craftsmanship, beauty, unique design, innovative technologies and always maintaining high quality standards: this is one of the recognized characteristics of Italian genius.


A talk about VeArt can not ignore the models of Murano chandeliers of the GIOCASTA series and their spare parts


Creation of unique works (lighting fixtures) of considerable economic value: Every time you break or lose a component, finding spare parts for these Murano chandeliers to bring them back to their original value is very difficult.
We present to you now: DIOMEDE


One of the most beautiful Murano glass floor lamps in the world : spare parts available
From one explosion of color to another, the Murano glass characterizes blown glass chandeliers that have in the bright colors a considerable part of their charm.

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Examples of this ability to combine innovation and traditional techniques, particularly in the production of Murano glass, were personalities such as Paolo Venini, one of the most important figures in the production of Murano glass and design of the last century; and, consequently, also companies that have inherited his ability to enhance beauty and innovation, such as VeArt.

LEDA: timeless champion of sales in the world of Murano chandeliers


VeArt was founded in 1965 by Sergio Billiotti and Ludovico Diaz De Santillana. Its genesis recalls the importance of continuity or transmission of skills and competences also given by parental relationships in Italian craftsmanship and design: 


Diaz De Santillana was artistic director of Venini and husband of Anna Venini (daughter of Paolo Venini), and father of Laura Diaz De Santillana, who became designer of Venini.
and now PANTALICA: needs no introduction


In the late 1980s, the VeArt brand was absorbed by Artemide, becoming a special division of the company.

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