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Spare parts for Glassware Toso Cesare

Cesare Toso was born on the island of Murano, beginning at a very young age to learn the work of mole master Murano chandeliers in blown glass with green leaves and fruit

At about 18 years of age he starts to work in the famous Cappellin Glassworks excellence at the time in the production of Murano chandeliers in blown glass, a few years later become a master. Acquiring experience Cesare Toso arrives at the Glassworks Morassi and C. staying there until 1946.

In that year he founded the Vetreria Toso Cesare, at whose furnaces he breeds his son Edilio transferring all the acquaintances and the trade secrets that will allow him to create Murano chandeliers in unique and precious blown glass.

The Venetian 18th century inspired Cesare Toso's productions: chandeliers and lamps from Elegant and classic wall types and lamps in bunches of grapes.

The technical experience gained over the years allows to the style office of Cesare Toso to devote himself with passion to the planning entirely in Murano glass blown by chandeliers and grape cluster lamps

The company Cesare Toso srl closes in 2017. For all the splendid creations of this Murano glassworks specializing in chandeliers in bunch of grapes, little guys ( the classic Venetian glasses) and Murano chandeliers classics we can provide you with spare parts to replace damaged or lost parts.

Murano chandeliers, Tipetti, vases and

cluster lamps grape
are all products of high economic value that deserve to be repaired. Absolutely

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