Cups or mugs: replacement blown glass diffusers for Murano chandeliers

Murano glass is undoubtedly recognised recognised worldwide, both for its artistic value artistic value and for the technical technical skills required of the Murano glass the Murano glass master to create his works. his works.



Another added value of Murano glass Murano glass objects originates in the tradition to which all Murano glass masters
refer. Murano glass masters. From this ancient unique and timeless objects unique and timeless objects, so Murano becomes an icon of Italian style
throughout the world.


Over the centuries, the complexity of complexity of the creations made has grown exponentially and Murano and Murano glass chandeliers
are one of the most expressions of the expertise, artistic artistic and technical craftsmanship
of master glassmakers.

Cups are a very important part of the design. important part, covering the light
points and providing unique characteristics to the style and of colour. Given the elegant but delicate
nature nature of Murano glass, a need has arisen
to replace need for spare parts, to replace cracked
or missing parts that were cracked or missing or lost during during removals. The cups, or so-called mugs, because of their fine and thin structure, can be be subject to accidents, thereby spoiling the
harmonious structure of a Murano glass Murano glass chandelier.

Each part of a chandelier chandelier is a small work of art in itself, which is then masterfully assembled into the finished to create the finished object. Thanks to this modular it is now possible to order made-to-measure replace missing parts or those damaged or damaged by time. restoring your chandeliers to their former glory chandeliers back to their former glory of having an original piece, made with the same materials and the same techniques with which it was created from the start. In our online shop you will find over 600 types

spare parts for Murano chandeliers

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