Venetian mirrors: The spare parts

Venetian mirrors
Venetian mirrors, made and decorated in Murano glass, are the flagship
the pride of Murano production. Each piece is unique and

crime with
artistic skill by the Murano workers to always obtain the quality

 the quality that
made in Italy.

The first glass mirror
The first glass mirror was made in Egypt in the first century BC.

The first mirrors
known in history were made of bronze or copper,

small sheets of these metals, artfully polished to reflect an image, but

image, but
the difficulty in finding and working the materials, 

materials, they were
common objects only among the high social castes.

Around 1600, the concept of
introduced in Venice the concept of the mirror as a 

decorative element,
enriching the work with painstaking workmanship. Each part that 

the mirror, from the wooden
the mirror, from the wooden frame to the Murano glass decorations, 

created in synergy. In fact, there are at least four craftsmen who intervene 

the carpenter for the wooden frame, the mirror maker who makes the mirror
the mirror with silver casting on a sheet of glass, the engraver who makes the cut and 

cutting and
decorations with a diamond point and the Murano glass 

of Murano glass who
adds his creations and gives depth to the work.

The search for different styles
styles by the craftsmen has created a vast assortment of artistic
artistic types, leaving personal choice ample space for a targeted purchase.
for a targeted purchase.

The Venetian mirror
The Venetian mirror remains a luxury item with refined characteristics. 

The choice of materials
choice of valuable materials such as gold or silver and the exclusively handcrafted creation makes
of Venetian mirrors, not only an elitist piece of furniture, but also gives 

elitist, but gives
the certainty of having a work of art in their own home.

 a work of art.

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