Large & Famous Murano chandeliers from around the world

 Elvis was so excited to bring a chandelier to his Graceland estate that he insisted on doing a late-night impromptu shopping spree at Belvedere Lighting in Memphis in 1974. When Elvis left the building, the Murano glass chandelier now stands in the dining room. The massive Murano glass chandelier that hangs above the Grand Staircase at the Vanderbilt family's Biltmore estate requires 72 bulbs.

The Winchester Mystery House in California, built by gun heiress Sarah Winchester to appease unhappy ghosts, contains an elegant imported Murano glass chandelier that originally and held 12 candles, but was repurposed to hold the spirit-friendly number of 13.

The Blue Room, the White House reception room, boasts a chandelier measuring 79 feet by 36 feet, with ceilings measuring 19 feet 10 inches. trained personnel, professionals in cleaning Murano glass chandeliers, can take up to 2 days to clean a chandelier of this enormous size.
Outside of private homes, however, finding the largest Murano glass chandelier requires going to church or playing tables. Although the title of largest chandelier has no clear winner, four of the world's major casinos and an Arab mosque currently vie for the bragging rights. However, it is rumored that a British shopping center under renovation will feature the largest chandelier once work is completed by early 2025.

Pat Fillman, owner of Horns in Plenty, has installed a large Murano glass chandelier. He displayed the chandelier in early 2005, stunning everyone who saw it. The chandelier has a diameter of 3 meters, a height of 12 meters and is equipped with sixty-seven light sources. With a final weight of more than 850 pounds, the artist estimates that it took at least 45 days of glasswork in Murano to make it.
Perhaps the most famous chandelier of all is not found in a home, casino or church, but in a theater. The well-known chandelier accident scene in Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera makes lighting enthusiasts around the world despair.

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