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Murano is a small group of islands just north of Venice that is world famous for the quality of its glass production. Originally working in that great bastion of the arts, Venice, glassmakers were so prevalent in the city that the rulers of Venice thought that the fierce fires that the glassmakers used to make, melt and shape glass posed a danger to the city itself. So they moved to Murano and it became the centre of glassmaking


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 Murano glassmakers were at the forefront of their craft for many centuries. The glass masters were the only craftsmen in the whole of Europe who were able to produce a mirror. The glassmakers enjoyed many privileges compared to the common citizen and could even carry a sword. The only problem was that they had to stay in Venice. 

The Venetians feared that if the glassmakers travelled abroad they might sell the secrets of their art. Then the pre-eminent place of 
murano glass would be lost, along with most of its trade. But Venice managed to keep its glassmaking techniques safe for many hundreds of years, and also the vital flow of wealth that this trade provided for the city.

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The glassmakers of Murano had a formidable range of techniques and in addition to mirrors they were able to produce items such as coloured glass made to look like gems, glass objects with different colours running through them and even glass woven with gold threads. 

The glass masters of Murano carry on this tradition and still make beautiful objects for export and of course for the lucrative tourist trade. Although many objects are souvenirs such as paperweights, the tradition of quality and innovation is still strong and Murano glassmakers also produce beautiful contemporary works, as well as the more traditional chandeliers and necklaces.


 In Murano there is an excellent museum dedicated to the art of the glass masters called Palazzo Guistinian. It has around four thousand pieces on display and spans the entire history of glassmaking from the early Egyptians to the present day. Murano is the historical centre of glass art and its place in history is brought alive by these wonderful exhibitions.

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