Murano chandeliers?

For many years we have been producing spare parts for

Murano chandeliers

in the sense of blown glass chandeliers on the island.


Every now and then we find ourselves

quote for some Murano glass flowers or some Murano glass leaf in which the customers tell us the price of the chandelier where they are to be placed.

More than one customer claims to have purchased a "Murano chandelier" with five lights for euro 400.00 delivered at home packed perfect and a phone call to ask if everything had gone well. But don't you wonder how much the glass is worth? in that box? Can I tell you? Are you ready? Worth from € 82.00 to € 87.00 no more. If you have bought it by now, don't tell us. with your friends, someone who can count and who understands how much does a master blower in Murano is there.

Then let's go and see where these companies are selling glass chandeliers at 400.00 euro

You can find them at Piombino Dese (PD)

You can find them at Marcon (VE)

You can find them at Mogliano veneto

We sell, restore and repair chandeliers in Murano glass for over 20 years,

we are online since 1998

( year of Google's birth)

The countryside between Treviso, Padua and Venice with all the beautiful and very important companies that are there and with all the respect for the work of others, I guarantee you it is
 NOT on the island of Murano

Not to mention ecological disposal: la Tari

do you know her? But now let's finish with this crap like

the islands of Murano on the mainland. We present the LISZT series

Murano glass chandeliers, made on the island of Murano:

Do you want proof? We make you the complete video of blowing of YOUR Murano chandelier, not the video of a horse's production, no. The blowing of a Murano chandelier made on the island. Labels, guarantees and anything else we do not stand wasting time is better the video. These Murano glass chandeliers being made piece by piece can be customized directly from the customer in colour, size and number of lights. In a Murano chandelier with five lights there are are 10 (ten) pieces near the central shaft: five tall leaves and five tall flowers and 10 (ten) pieces in the outer lap: Five arms and five low leaves.

Available for quotes and advice, before buying a chandelier ask for a free advice, Ask us the question: Is it a Murano chandelier?

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