New production structure 2016

2016: the year of the creation of a new production structure

It 's 2016 and Fabbrica Lampadari Murano has increased its production capacity by inserting a new glass factory in the production structure.


of years of tradition, in the processing of Murano blown glass.


It may seem strange to those people who are not involved in the work, but the Maestro's tools for making the individual parts that make up the Murano blown glass chandeliers

 it's always those. 
For years.


We present our services, products of restoration, renovation and production of chandeliers, not necessarily old or of period, also suitable for contemporary and current apartments.


We make new parts of chandeliers and chandeliers in whole blown Murano glass.

We produce our models in Murano glass and also chandeliers requested by customers with photographs or projects.

The colors and sizes are always the most appropriate


A light with which you are very emotional attachment, unfortunately in an accident lost the base.


High leaves, low leaves, flowers, cups, arms, finals, holsters:
 these are the spare parts subject to the most frequent breakages.


a grandmother’s chandelier who, 
cleaning it, came off some pieces.


Simply a glass object that you care

We can restore and repair any type of damage


In order to continuous improvement, and a better service before and after sale, we thank you for all the work done with us and for the patience that you had.


modern e classic

High Leafs | Bobeches & cupsLow leafs | Hoster|

FlowersHedgehogs & Pastorals |Final |

Famous Vintage |

Original Murano glasses

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Murano Glass

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