How to order spare parts for Murano glass chandeliers: terminology

Terminology: how to order chandeliers in Murano glass

Sometimes it can happen that a component of a magnificent Venetian
 chandelier breaks and needs to be replaced.
We made this scheme is to facilitate the mounting of our chandeliers in Murano glass
both in the case of having to order a replacement.


We have available high leaves , low leaves, flowers,  balls, bats, final, "passatopo",
bows, arms, mugs, cups, bowl, ceiling roses and if you don't find what you need we'll realize it on request.

spare parts for Murano chandeliers

modern e classic

High Leafs | Bobeches & cupsLow leafs | Hoster|

FlowersHedgehogs & Pastorals |Final |

Famous Vintage |

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