Spare parts in Murano glass for old Venini chandeliers updated

Trilobo and trihedron models for VENINI chandeliers, Carlo Scarpa, Mazzega, Vistosi, Bucintoro, Andromeda, Nason.
We carry out any type of
trihedron or trilobe on sample:

Spare parts in Murano glass for the old chandeliers made from:

Barovier Toso, Mazzega, Veart, Seguso, Pauly, Nason,
Venini, Signoretti, Andromeda, Carlo Scarpa, Gio 'Ponti, Toni Zuccheri, Carlo Nason. Original Triedri 60s Model Trilobo by Venini:

Purchasable here

Also bicolor trihedral

Violet glass strips

original 60s amethyst can be purchased here

Quadriedri for Venetian
 chandeliers available here

 Trunks of an old chandelier designed by Toni Zuccheri.

Quadriedri for Venetian chandeliers
  available here

Tubes (trunks) in Murano glass for chandelier model CALZE produced by Venini can 
be purchased here

Polyhedra Venini various colors can be purchased here

Polyhedra Venini available with and without collar of any color available here.

Width mm 55
Height 120 mm

We can find and reproduce any blown glass in Murano glass from every period, including the production of other glassworks.

spare parts for Murano chandeliers

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