Replacement parts for Murano chandeliers: Company Firme di Vetro

Company Firme di Vetro: replacement parts for Murano chandeliers


Spare parts for Murano chandeliers  of the company  Firme di Vetro in blown glass


Firme di Vetro SpA, an international group that includes brands such as ITRE, Murano Due, Aureliano Toso, Murano 1938, Gallery Vetri d'Arte and Alt Luci alternative. 


Synonymous with innovation, research and development, globalization and synergy are the new values of the 
Firme di Vetro of our day.

We can find spare parts for all products in the catalogs of these companies.


Below there are some examples:

Murano chandeliers and spare parts from Firme di Vetro glassware:

Arms, cup, leaves, flowers, 

Blown Murano glass to fix Aureliano Toso chandeliers.

These blown glasses are ideal spare parts to make your famous chandelier come back, Satin, transparent and amber.
We find and produce spare parts and chandeliers of the Firme di Vetro company:

Blown glass spare parts for Murano chandeliers in the colors and sizes you need.

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